Our evaluators can help with:

  • Dogs who are fearful or aggressive toward other dogs

  • Dogs who are fearful or aggressive toward strangers or family members

  • Dogs who lunge, bark, and growl on-leash

  • Dogs who have trouble with other pets in the home

  • Dogs who resource guard toys, food, or other items

  • Dogs who need confidence building in the home or on walks

  • Dogs who display separation anxiety

  • Dogs who have trouble with veterinary exams or grooming visits

  • Owner directed aggression

  • Aggression towards children

  • Bite/History evaluation (Dunbar Bite Scale)

  • Husbandry Training 

  • And lots more!

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Your dog is so much more than their behavior. You know it, and so do we. Meet with one of our evaluators to discuss your dog's behavioral needs and we will formulate a plan to change their behavior. From confidence building to behavior management, we will  help you and your dog get to neutral behavior. 

Reactivity and Aggression in Dogs 

Leash Reactivity 1 Class

$175 - 5 Week Class

Leash Reactivity 2 Class

$225 - 7 Week Class

Initial On Site Consultation

$150 - One Hour Session

On-Site Follow Up Session

$110 - One Hour Session

On-Site Follow Up Session

$75 - Half Hour Session

Initial Off-Site Consultation

$250 - One Hour Session

Off-Site Follow Up Session

$220 - One Hour Session or

$840/ 4 One Hour Sessions

The Evaluators



Amy Bieri, the owner of Happy Tails Ranch, started her dog training journey when she adopted Rex, her first boxer. Amy became passionate about boxers and started breeding them in 1998. She has shown and competed with boxers in obedience, agility and conformation, putting hundreds of AKC titles on her dogs throughout the years. 


Amy’s first boxer, Rex, had severe anxiety and was extremely aggressive towards people. Rex bit four trainers throughout the course of his rehabilitation.


Amy didn’t give up on Rex; Because of her persistence, she rehabilitated him into a wonderful family pet. Rex motivated Amy to learn more about behavior modification so that she could continue to assist other dogs with severe issues. 


Amy has years of experience with dogs prior to opening her establishment, Happy Tails Ranch, in 2000: She worked as a veterinarian technician and ran the practice, she owned a pet-sitting company and she taught and trained at one of her local dog kennel/training facilities for multiple years.


Amy has rehabilitated hundreds of dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. To this day, she continues to use her skills as a well-practiced veterinary technician and her experience of over 20 years as a trainer to rehabilitate dogs. She continues to work with all dogs from a variety of backgrounds like those in rescue situations or those with home companionship problems. Amy’s methodology includes positive reinforcement, confidence building, earning trust and establishing rules and boundaries in order to create an affirmative relationship between you and your dog.



Kristina has mentored under Michael Shikashio, Kamal Fernandez, Susanne Clothier regarding dog behavior. Kristina utilizes positive methods to build a dogs confidence, with proper balance and education. Kristina focuses on successful threshold training rather then continuing to create inappropriate habits. Kristina is a big advocate for proper muzzle training learned through games. Muzzle training helps with safety management even for dogs who are not a bite risk. Kristina will assist in proper education on sizing, styles and proper fit do that the dog can fully pant. Kristina is a licensed Mental Health Counselor/ Social Worker who understands the emotional struggles, challenges and judgements that people close to you and the community maybe influencing on you with owning a dog who exhibits inappropriate behaviors.


Kristina is also the owner of a Reactive German Shepherd Dog who has had many successes in the obedience, rally and nosework ring with continuous management. Kristina looks forward in helping you identify and improve your dogs inappropriate behaviors to have a much more successful relaxing life for you and them. 

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Jaci has been training since 2016 and started at Happy Tails in 2019. She works with German Shepherd rescue and has tackled many issues on her way to finding dogs' forever homes. From reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and the "new home itch" Jaci has seen and worked with it all from her rescue exploits. 

Jaci and Kain began their journey in 2016 when she adopted Kain from a rescue that also kept him in a hoarding situation. By the time she knew about the issues and baggage he came with, she decided she would not be sending him back to live in deplorable conditions. Kain came to her home highly dog reactive with severe separation anxiety and extremely sick at the age of two. Kain could often be seen walking late at night to avoid other dogs. 

Kain is now a functioning member of society, he can often be seen demoing for Jaci's classes off leash and well managed around other dogs. Kain and Jaci compete actively in nosework and are working toward further obedience and rally titles. 


Jaci utilizes balanced training methods to help her clients succeed with their dogs. Through positive reinforcement and clear boundaries, she helps her clients be successful. An advocate for proper collar and muzzle fit, she will make sure you're set up correctly when working with your dog.