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Reactive/Aggressive Dog Crash Course

NO DOGS WEEK 1 owners only to review equipment and safety protocol.

  • Starts Jun 10
  • 300 US dollars
  • 4319 W Roberts Road

Available spots

Service Description

Welcome to the Reactive/Aggressive Dog Crash Course, designed to help you and your furry friend navigate through challenging behaviors and build better handler skills and knowledge over six weeks. Led by our experienced trainer, Kristina, this course will focus on understanding, managing, and modifying reactive and aggressive behaviors in dogs. Week 1: Understanding Reactivity and Aggression - Introduction to reactive and aggressive behaviors in dogs - Identifying triggers and signs of arousal - Understanding the underlying causes: fear, frustration, territoriality, etc. - Developing empathy and patience as a handler -Review equipment and safety Week 2: Heeling and Focus - Teaching loose leash walking skills (heeling) to promote focus and control - Using attention exercises to redirect your dog's focus away from triggers - Incorporating heeling into everyday walks to manage arousal levels - Practicing relaxation techniques to maintain calmness during walks Week 3: Sit-Stay and Down-Stay - Teaching reliable sit-stay and down-stay commands to promote impulse control - Gradually increasing duration and distance for sit-stay and down-stay exercises - Incorporating distractions to proof sit-stay and down-stay behaviors in various environments - Implementing release cues to safely end stay commands Week 4: Recall and Emergency Response - Strengthening recall skills to regain control in challenging situations - Teaching a reliable recall cue and practicing in controlled environments - Implementing emergency recall protocols for urgent situations - Building trust and confidence between you and your dog through recall exercises Week 5: Proofing Skills and Handling Challenges - Advancing obedience skills through proofing exercises - Introducing distractions and real-world scenarios to test obedience skills - Developing strategies to handle reactive/aggressive incidents calmly and effectively - Practicing assertive yet calm leadership to regain control in challenging situations Week 6: Maintenance and Continued Growth - Creating a personalized management and training plan for ongoing success - Celebrating achievements and looking forward to a brighter future with your dog Join us for this transformative journey as we work together to create a happier, healthier, and more harmonious relationship between you and your reactive/aggressive dog. With dedication, patience, and the right tools, positive change is possible.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

​Class enrollments, private lessons, consults, and other services can be cancelled for a 50% refund when cancelled more than 48 hours after purchase.  Class enrollments or private sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours prior to the start of the class or private lesson will only receive a credit on the client account for future classes and services. Seminars cancelled within 30 days of an event will only receive a 50% refund for the cost of the seminar.  Our classes and seminars are often full and your enrollment keeps another client from filling that spot if you cannot attend. If you are not able to attend a class or seminar after you have already enrolled, please contact the Happy Tails Ranch office as soon as possible. Clients who no call/no show for classes, privates, events or seminars, or do not schedule purchased services within 48 hours  will only receive an account credit for the class, event, service, or seminar.  If repeated no call/no shows occur (more than 2), clients will be required to pay an addition 50% of the class or service cost to reschedule. 

Contact Details

  • 4319 W Roberts Road, Island Lake, IL 60042

    +1 847-487-2419

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