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board & Train

What is a Board & Train?

  • 1 hour of training each day broken up into two sessions

    • Allows for better information retention

    • Keeps the dog engaged the entire time

  • Your dog is worked with multiple different Happy Tails Ranch trainers

    • Increases dog’s ability to respond to different people

    • Encourages easier transition back home

    • Constant socialization with people, animals and different environmental stimulus

Add daily training to your dog's board:

  • $91/Day

    • Fun engagement to fight boredom during your dog’s stay

    • Dog needs help with a few specific basics

    • Obedience refresher while your dog is staying at HTR

    • Maintain progress on obedience work

Board & Train Packages 

The following rates include boarding at $46/day

Reactivity Board and Train:

  • $115/day 🡪 $3,440+

  • 30 minute initial evaluation

  • 30 minute pre-lesson (if-needed)

  • 1-hour go-home lessons

  • Specifically for dogs with human or dog reactivity  such as barking, lunging, fixation, or aggression

  • Create a basic obedience foundation and establish rules and structure

  • Behavior modification for reactivity issues

    • Teach acceptable behavior alternatives 

    • Engage dogs so they focus on the handler and are excited to work

Advanced Board and Train: 

  • $115/day 🡪 $2,875+

  • 30 minute initial evaluation

  • 1-hour go-home lessons

  • Increase distance and duration of commands/skills covered during Basic B&T

  • Proof dog on skills with additional distractions

  • Work on special skills (retrieves, tricks)

  • If applicable, begin off-leash obedience work

  • Get your dog ready for competition

Basic Board and Train: 

  • $115/day 🡪 $1,720

  • 30 minute initial evaluation

  • 1 hour go-home lesson

  • Solidify your dog’s basic obedience skills

    • Recall, sit/stay, down/stay, place, leave it

    • Loose-leash heeling

  • Work on basic house manners

    • No jumping/counter-surfing

    • Door entries/exits

    • Greeting strangers appropriately

  • Create a foundation for handler engagement and an enthusiasm for work

  • Great as a puppy obedience jump-start

Service Dog Board and Train:

  • 30 days 🡪 $3,500

  • 4 pack of 30 minute onsite privates included

  • Bath Included

  • Specifically for dogs and handlers looking to be trained for service work. 

  • Evaluation required prior to enrollment

    • Work toward public access certification

    • Work on task training

Command List
B&T Contract

**** Disclaimer: The above are general guideline of skills that can be accomplished during a Board & Train. All dogs progress at different rates and some take longer than others to become acclimated to staying at HTR. Trainers will do their best to achieve owners’ objectives and goals, and due to this may prioritize proofing of certain skills over others. Additionally, Board & Train programs are not a curative method for any issues, and all progress must be maintained by owners. ****

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