head trainer

 I have been training dogs since 2014 and competing since 2016. I specialize in competition obedience, rally, reactivity, resource guarding, clicker training, shaping and amongst many other techniques that I have gathered from my many mentors. I continuously learn new techniques to help whatever team that is in front of me. I love training and inspiring others to work towards their dreams and encourage people to want to show what their dog can do in any sport.

I currently have a German shepherd named Bane. Bane earned he’s CD Companion dog title under 2 years with scores 190+, all first places and he made it to the top 10 of German shepherds in the USA for AKC novice dog titles for high scores. Bane and I obtained CDX companion dog of excellent with all placements and being recognized as the #1 Open A GSD in the US in AKC for 2018. Bane was invited to the National Obedience Championship 2x for Novice and Open. Bane and I went onto the Rally ring Earning RACH, RM2, RAE2 with over 30 High combines and High Triple Q’s multiple placements and awards.

Bane and I have been invited every year since the rally novice title to the Rally National Championship. Bane was recognized as number 7 in GSDs by Front & Finish for the American Kennel Club Rally Master class earning 77 points on our Rally Master title and RACH title journey! Bane was recognized as 2nd GSD out of all, 7th in all herding breeds out of all in AKC Rally presented by Front & Finish! Bane and I are currently working towards the UD utility dog title and will see where the world takes us! Bane also competed in nosework achieving multiple 1st places and high in trials/class! 

Bane: RACH Shewana’s Handsome King CGCA, CGCU, TKI, CDX, RM2. RAE2, TDI, RATN, TDI, SNC, SNB, SNE, 

Tessa, a conformation Boxer, is the newest member of our pack. Tessa has been a great addition with different challenges. Tessa who was born in August 2017. Tessa earned her CD with all HIT (High in Trial) 1st place finishes with one score of 197.5/200. Tessa was recognized as 3rd top boxer

Tessa: Cloud N Wilk’s Audacious Darling TDI, CGCA, CGCU, CD, RE, TKN


Office MAnager

I have been with Happy Tails since 2014. I am the office manger at HTR. I used to be a vet tech and love working with animals. I am a mom of 3 human kids and 3 furry kids and they are all my life. 

At Happy Tails I help the team ensure that your dogs are safe and comfortable while they are here with us. 


Agility, Obedience, Kennel Manager

My name is Sarah and I am so excited to be joining the Happy Tails Ranch family!


In 2017 shortly after starting my first semester of college at the University of Louisville I rescued my now three year old border collie named Lilac. Lilac is my medical service dog and together we completed a fifteen month service dog training program in Kentucky.


We currently train in obedience, agility, nose work, and barn hunt. We hope to attend our first show this spring and try our hand (and paw) at competition obedience!


Shortly after bringing Lilac home and beginning the numerous training programs we have done or are currently a part of, I discovered my passion for dog training and am looking forward to helping care for and train other people’s furry friends!



obedience, nosework, Website Manager

My name is Jaci and I am a special education teacher by day and dog trainer by night! I have been training since 2016. At home I have a German Shepard named Vera, and a Husky mix named Kain. I also regularly foster dogs for a local German Shepherd rescue. I became interested in training when I discovered the behavior theory behind training dogs is the same behavior theory you study to teach children and they both have been an integral part of my life since! I began looking into becoming a trainer formally when working with my Husky to get him through his many behavior issues. 


Vera is a certified therapy dog and has been my partnerin crime since I brought her home in 2016. Vera loves to visit my students at school with me and is a great ambassador for German Shepherds and therapy Animals. Vera and I are working towards our rally titles and currently have our RN and RI with goals to achieve our RAE and RACH before the end of 2021! Vera is a new convert to the sport of Nosework and has discovered that she can put her sniffer to good use to earn cookies. Vera and I are working toward her ORT for NACSW and training more intently for future Nosework goals. 

Kain joined my family in 2016 from a hoarding situation in rescue. Kain is affectionately known as my Oklahoma mutt because he is a transplant from Oklahoma. Kain was from a hoarding situation and came to me with a plethora of behavior issues including separation anxiety, dog reactivity and people selectivity. Since working with Kain he has become a functioning member of my family and his separation anxiety is a thing of the past! Kain is an excellent sniffer and enjoys Nosework and competing with his sister. In August 2020 Kain earned his ORT for NACSW and we have hopes to earn a NW3 if we can ever get into a trial! 

I am a firm believer that all dogs are capable of learning and training is an integral part of making any dog find their place within the workings and routines of your family.

Rescued Royalty Queen Vera CGCA CGCU TKA RI 



obedience, conformation

My name is Tiffany Grap, and I am one of the trainers at Happy Tails Ranch.  I have worked here for almost 5 years and I absolutely love working with the dogs!!!  I also got my first Boxer from owner, Amy.  Jewel is a conformation show dog and a breed champion. I decided to start showing her in obedience and rally as well because I love working with dogs. Jewel has earned her CGC title, beginner novice obedience title, rally novice title, and she has two of three legs towards her rally intermediate title.

I love teaching and training obedience because it builds such a wonderful bond between you and your dog!! I love working at Happy Tails and working with all different dogs.


Barn Hunt

My name is Karin Magnuson and I am thrilled to be joining the Happy Tail Ranch Family.  I trained my first dog when I was 16 years old. He was a shep / St Bernard mix my brothers and I found in the woods. As a teenager I spent the summer on my Uncle’s Horse farm, he raised Standardbreds for Harness racing trotters and pacers.  My job was to work the foals and years to halter leads and ground reining. I joined the Air Force after high school and spent a year at Lackland Air force base. In boot camp and tech school I volunteered to help with the military working dogs. I served 8 years between active duty and reserve time. 

Upon returning home, I started working with the local animal shelter, as an adoption consultant/ admin. I did this for almost 3 years.  I left the shelter to become an Animal Control Officer and a Humane Investigator, which I did for 23 years. At the same time, I was working with a local trainer Marge Gibbs at collar and Leash.  Marge referred me to a local park district to teach classes there. I am still teaching classes today for over 25 year. My classes are Puppy, Basic and Advanced Obedience class, Beginner Agility, Intro to Nose work, Rally Classes, triball, Therapy dog, Trick dog, and a new class we call ruff and rally.

I currently train my 3 Dobermans in conformation, obedience, rally, barn hunt, nosework, and have just started dock diving, and tracking with them.  My dogs have many titles and we enjoy going to trials most weekends.

I am also a Judge and evaluator, for the Following, S.T.A.R Puppy, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, TRICK DOG, FARM DOG, AKC ATT TEST, and LURE COURSING ABILITY TEST (CAT). I am currently waiting for approval for TDI to be able to certify therapy dogs. 


Agility, Conformation, Obedience

I've been training and competing dogs in obedience for over 30 years. I've worked in shelters, dog kennels, animal hospitals and am a registered nurse.

I started training and competing in AKC agility 13 years ago, titling 5 boxers to excellent and masters levels. It's a sport that I find passionate, rewarding and fun to share with your dog.

I bred 4 boxer litters and show in conformation. I've taken many group wins as an Owner Handler. I also assist Professional Handler, Amy Bieri in the ring as well as ringside.

Ch Happy Tail's Moment Of Trust CD BN RN OA OAJ NF ACT1


GCH JoKar's N Happy Tail's Blonde Moments DOM CD RE MX MXJ


Happy Tail's Blonde Ambition CD AX AXJ


Happy Tail's Bold Contender CD (2 CDX legs)


AX AXJ Bruin's Blizzard CDX (2 UD legs)


Obedience, tracking, protection work

I currently have two Dutch shepherds, but am experienced working with a variety of breeds utilizing a variety of methods. 

I have worked with military, police and civilian K9s all over the world. I was the main police dog trainer at Tarheel for 2 years. I competed in Protection Sport Association (PSA) and have trained hundreds of dogs in multiple disciplines including detection, tracking, apprehension, and personal protection. 

Recently I worked in South Africa training anti-poaching K9s. 












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