Hello, everyone my name is Kristina Pomagier. I have been training dogs since 2014 and competing since 2016. I specialize in competition obedience, rally, reactivity, resource guarding, clicker training, shaping and amongst many other techniques that I have gathered from my many mentors. I continuously learn new techniques to help whatever team that is in front of me. I love training and inspiring others to work towards their dreams and encourage people to want to show what their dog can do in any sport.


I currently have a German shepherd named Bane. Bane earned he’s CD Companion dog title under 2 years with scores 190+, all first places and he made it to the top 10 of German shepherds in the USA for AKC novice dog titles for high scores. Bane and I obtained CDX companion dog of excellent with all placements and being recognized as the #1 Open A GSD in the US in AKC for 2018. Bane was invited to the National Obedience Championship 2x for Novice and Open. Bane and I went onto the Rally ring Earning RACH, RM2, RAE2 with over 30 High combines and High Triple Q’s multiple placements and awards. Bane and I have been invited every year since the rally novice title to the Rally National Championship. Bane was recognized as number 7 in GSDs by Front & Finish for the American Kennel Club Rally Master class earning 77 points on our Rally Master title and RACH title journey! Bane was recognized as 2nd GSD out of all, 7th in all herding breeds out of all in AKC Rally presented by Front & Finish! Bane and I are currently working towards the UD utility dog title and will see where the world takes us!


Bane: RACH Shewana’s Handsome King CGCA, CGCU, TKI, CDX, RM2. RAE2, TDI, RATN, TDI


Tessa, a conformation Boxer, is the newest member of our pack. Tessa has been a great addition with different challenges. Tessa who was 2 in August 2019 has currently earned her BN Beginner Novice title with all placements and is working towards her CD. Tessa was recognized as 3rd top boxer out of all in AKC Rally presented by Front & Finish! Tessa currently is working not only towards her obedience and rally, but she is working towards her conformation CH champion title.


Tessa: Cloud N Wilk’s Audacious Darling TDI, CGCA, CGCU, BN, RE, TKN

head trainer



Hello my name is Katelyn. I work at Happy Tails Ranch as the kennel manager. I have been in the pet industry for over 8 years and have background in kennel, grooming, nutrition and training. I have a Corgi (Forrest Gump, 5 years old) and a German Shepherd (Dean Winchester, 1 year and 5 months). I love working with animals and cant see myself doing anything else.

I really enjoy making every dog's stay at Happy Tails feel like home! Giving special attention to each of our furry guests to make them feel as comfortable as possible during our stay with us at Happy Tails Ranch is what I enjoy most when working in the kennel.

General Manager



My name is Alexie. I have spent the last 13 years working in the healthcare system in various fields and I finally decided to chase my dreams of being a dog trainer. I have been training dogs for 6 years. I have trained my own personal Service Dog for my heart condition. I have also trained pet therapy dogs, trick dogs, and hunting dogs. I also breed Labrador Retrievers and concentrate on genetic health quality and temperament! I am excited to now be a part of the Happy Tails Ranch family!

Assistant General Manager, Trainer



There is nothing better than seeing the impact of training your dog. With over 15 years of experience, I tailor my training to ensure maximum and lasting results. I believe training should be fun for you, your family and your dog. The greatest thing I have found in rehabilitating and training dogs, is that no matter what the issues are, if we focus on the small things daily, we see great results. This means daily rituals, structure, balance, corrections and rewarding the positive.

Currently, I own Kona, a 1-year old black lab, whom we adopted and Daizee, a mini long haired doxie. She is a retired therapy dog, who is almost 15 and has traveled all over the world with me. My dogs have been trained and certified therapy dogs, being an integral part of the Sit.Stay.Read program, visiting hospitals and care centers. With a passion for rescue, I spend a lot of time volunteering at local shelters changing bad habits, getting these pups adopted and off the euthanasia list.


DOGA is a new class I brought to Happy Tails, which is geared to for any age, any size dog. A calm state of mind is priceless and there is nothing better than to do some great stretching with your beloved pet. I look forward to meeting you and yes, your dog can be awesome!

Together, we can get you there!  

obedience, reactivity, doga



Hello Everyone! My name is Allison Bilinski and for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to work with dogs. I spent much of my childhood playing with my family dog, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Duster, and would spend hours watching obedience videos and set up agility courses to walk him through. My passion only grew as I got older and I would take any opportunity I could to learn new skills. I have been involved in many aspects of the canine world including: Kennel, Grooming, Veterinary, Training, Breeding, and Showing. Currently I work in the Canine Rehabilitation field.

I formally started training with my own dogs and with clients in both private and group settings in 2009. My pack consists of a German Shepherd (9years) and two Border Collies (6years and 4years), and a boxer puppy named Alita. I am a part of a Schutzhund/IPO club with which I train and title all my dogs.

My favorite part about training is seeing the bond grow between a dog and handler and watching the team work together to accomplish a common goal. I find great joy in helping build this bond and look forward to working with my students to reach their training goals.

obedience, nosework



My name is Jaci and I'm new to the training staff at Happy Tails! I am a special education teacher by day and dog trainer by night! I have been training for about two and a half years. At home I have a German Shepard named Vera, and a Husky mix named Kain. I also regularly foster dogs for a local German Shepherd rescue. My Shepherd is therapy trained and loves to visit my students at school with me and my Husky is trying his paw at nose work and really enjoying it!

I became interested in training when I discovered the behavior theory behind training dogs is the same behavior theory you study to teach children and they both have been an integral part of my life since! I began looking into becoming a trainer formally when working with my Husky. Kain was from a hoarding situation and came to me with a plethora of behavior issues including separation anxiety. Since working with Kain he has become a functioning member of my family and his separation anxiety is a thing of the past! I am a firm believer that all dogs are capable of learning and training is an integral part of making any dog find their place within the workings and routines of your family.

obedience, nosework, Website Manager



Hello all! My name is Kristen Christie and I’m thrilled to be part of the Happy Tails training team.

I’ve always wanted to work with dogs in some capacity, and over the last few years I’ve worked to make this my career. I went to UW-Madison and earned a Bachelor’s in Journalism - Business, then worked in advertising/media for five years.  


In 2015, after I got my own dog, an AmStaff/Weimaraner mix named Titan, I began fostering dogs with a local rescue. I enjoyed working through the fosters’ issues and mastering basic obedience skills to help them get adopted.  Since then, I’ve worked as a kennel tech, and currently work as a veterinary technician in addition to training at HTR.  Throughout this time, Titan and I have worked together on obedience and behavior modification to conquer some of his challenges.

I want owners to experience the same sense of joy and accomplishment with their dogs that I have found training with Titan at HTR. Training is a team sport, and your bond together is the foundation - the building blocks for success. It’s encouraged to celebrate the little successes, since training together should be fun!

obedience, reactivity


My name is Tiffany Grap, and I am one of the trainers at Happy Tails Ranch.  I have worked here for almost 5 years and I absolutely love working with the dogs!!!  I also got my first Boxer from owner, Amy.  Jewel is a conformation show dog and a breed champion. I decided to start showing her in obedience and rally as well because I love working with dogs. Jewel has earned her CGC title, beginner novice obedience title, rally novice title, and she has two of three legs towards her rally intermediate title.

I love teaching and training obedience because it builds such a wonderful bond between you and your dog!! I love working at Happy Tails and working with all different dogs.

obedience, conformation



Hello all! My name is Ember. I have been training dogs since I was young.  As I got older, I began training service dogs. I trained my own service dogs for my seizure disorder, and because of the high standards I hold for my working dogs, I have helped others, and a few programs do the same. Using a service dog changed my life so I strived to help others feel the same freedom using one can provide. Training dogs to any level is my passion.

Aside from working level training, I enjoy working dogs on obstacles both environmental and man-made, to build muscle, confidence, and trust. I currently own two dogs, Berry (Ariel) is a working line Doberman and my current working service dog. Cujo is a Boston Terrier and was my first service dog.  I look forward to working at Happy Tails Ranch and getting to know all of you awesome people, and your dogs of course.

Daycare manager, obedience, service work, reactivity



My husband Larry and I have been in Dobermans for 20 years. Currently 3 of our Dobes are Grand Champions and have various titles in AKC and UKC Obedience, Rally, Agility, CGC, and Trick Dog, as well as AKC Scent Work and NACSW Nosework. Our youngest in training has AKC Rally, Trick Dog and CGC titles. My Dobe, Erin, who is 8 and I have been doing Nosework for 6 years! She fractured her hip at 6 months of age and after being confined to the crate and a lengthy rehab, her vet finally cleared her to do Nosework as a low impact sport. She was 2. We started our first class in the fall of 2012 and passed all 3 odors of the NACSW ORT test the same day in February, 2013. Her first NW1 trial was in May, 2013. She has her NW3 and we are currently trying to get 2 more NW3s for her Elite title. Erin went to her first AKC Scent Work trial in 2019 and is currently at the Excellent level in all 4 elements. Erin’s daughter Dani, who is 3, is just starting her Scent Work career and is showings signs of being even better than her Mom.














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