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  • 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Off site urban location

Service Description

AKC Urban CGC requires that the dog demonstrate CGC skills and beyond in an urban setting. As with Canine Good Citizen, AKC Urban CGC has a 10-step test of skills that dogs must pass to earn the official AKC Urban CGC title. This is a title that appears on the dog’s title record at AKC. AKC URBAN CGCSM TEST ITEMS Dogs who pass the AKC Urban CGC test are eligible to earn the AKC’s “CGCU” title. To earn the CGCU title, the dog must 1) be registered or listed with AKC (AKC number, PAL, or AKC Canine Partners number) and, 2) already have a Canine Good Citizen® award/title on record. 1. Exit/enter doorway with no pulling in dog-friendly buildings. 2. Walk through a crowd on a busy urban sidewalk. • People come toward the dog from 1-ft. away 3. Appropriate reaction to city distractions. This includes movement, noises, and walking on a variety of surfaces (e.g., horns, traffic noise, bikes, surfaces such as concrete, grass). 4. Crossing street: Stop at corner, stand or sit to wait and cross with no pulling (on leash, with owner). Crosses street under control. 5. Ignore food on sidewalk. (Dropped food, or cups, bags, cans, in which food was wrapped). 6. Person walks up and pets the dog. May be carrying an item such as a small dog in a bag, a computer bag, etc. 7. Public Building (that is dog friendly). Walks under control in building (slick surface, carpeted floor). Down stay (3 min) in lobby or outdoor area, or waits while owner has a meal or snack. 8. Stairs, steps, or elevator under control (choose one). • Steps (at least 3 - up and down) • Elevator (Enters under control, exits, rides under control) 9. Housetrained for apartment, condo, city living. Owner may verify this item. Evaluator may also observe in public buildings, or have observed in training classes. 10. Transportation. Owner’s choice depending on transportation needs. • Car. Enters/exits, remains under control during the ride. (Crate? Seatbelt?) • Subway. Small dog in bag for ride. (large dogs are not always permitted; know and abide by the Transit Policies in your area). • Dog friendly (enters/exits or allows to be put in/taken out) under control. To pass the CGCU test, dogs must pass all 10 items of the test.

Cancellation Policy

​Class enrollments, private lessons, consults, and other services can be cancelled for a 50% refund when cancelled more than 48 hours after purchase.  Class enrollments or private sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours prior to the start of the class or private lesson will only receive a credit on the client account for future classes and services. Seminars cancelled within 30 days of an event will only receive a 50% refund for the cost of the seminar.  Our classes and seminars are often full and your enrollment keeps another client from filling that spot if you cannot attend. If you are not able to attend a class or seminar after you have already enrolled, please contact the Happy Tails Ranch office as soon as possible. Clients who no call/no show for classes, privates, events or seminars, or do not schedule purchased services within 48 hours  will only receive an account credit for the class, event, service, or seminar.  If repeated no call/no shows occur (more than 2), clients will be required to pay an addition 50% of the class or service cost to reschedule. 

Contact Details

+1 847-487-2419

4319 W Roberts Road, Island Lake, IL 60042

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