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Our Boxers

Our Studs

Cohen~ GCH Barbiloc's Dart Image At Happy Tails CD, RA, NA, OAJ, CGC, TDI 
Raylan~ JoKar's N Happy Tail's Justified

Coach~ GCH Windward's & Happy Tails' Game Changer

Our Ladies
Fergie~ GCH Jokar's N Happy Tails' Fergalicious

Ari~ CH Marburl's & Happy Tails' Yours Truly

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Summer~ GCH CH Chessel's N Happy Tails' Summer Lovin'

Bane~ CH Happy Tails' Crime Time, HIT,CD,RN,NF,MX,MXJ

Vixen~ CH Happy Tails' You're My Diamond Girl, RN,CGC,TDI

Diva~ CH Barbiloc's Come N Go With Me Happy Tails


Extended Family

Coming Soon!

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